Psychedelics projects for
the advancement of knowledge.


Blossom Analysis


Blossom Analysis provides a psychedelics research database and original analysis for researchers, practitioners, and students. It serves as our central information hub, and hopes to do this too for other who are interested in this field.

The website aims to be a repository of analysis of papers, commentary about the field (both research and industry), have information about companies, people, books, etc. It aims to be the go-to place if you need to look something up.

Psychedelics Courses


This project brings together all the courses that are out there about psychedelics. It helps people make a better choice about which course to follow, and helps them discover them in the first place.

Psychedelics Books


A website that serves as a easy to search list of books that talk about psychedelics. Instead of categorizating them all in the 'spiritual' section of a big online store, this website helps you find books by (sub)category and many more filters.


Floris Wolswijk

Founder & Guide

Floris has many interests of which psychedelics, entrepreneurship, and altruism, are some that have come together to make Blossom happen. He has previously started a start-up and has been involved in the Effective Altruism community for 5 years.

With Blossom he aims to help people realize their full potential. The projects above all hope to help with this in some way. He doesn't deny that he likes success, but realizes that this can only be achieved by helping others.